Perenthia Update

by Cameron Albert 11. July 2007 23:59

I've had Perenthia in a private test phase over the past few weeks and have decided on the core features that will make it into the public beta of the game. I have a few components to remove and a little more testing to do before the game enters a live beta stage, I am hoping not more than a few weeks.

The game will feature Households which are player run groups where the players can setup the levels and requirements of advancement. Crafting will also be a major feature, allowing players to craft the various items to be used in game. These features will center around a fantasy world with magic and monsters. Another feature that should make it into the beta will be tournaments, both individual and household. More on these features later.

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Game Development

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About the Author I am Senior Software Development Consultant specializing in Silverlight, WPF and the Microsoft .NET Framework. 

I have released an iPhone game called the Adventures of Puppyman that was built using ExEn and am currently working on a WP7 and iPhone version of Perenthia soon to be released.

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